What is the Group CPR Training Program in Ocilla, GA?

The Ocilla Group CPR Training Program is designed to help minimize time and effort it takes for a large number of workers or associates of an Ocilla organization to get trained in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). How this program is delivered depends on the needs and requirements of the requesting Georgia organization.

All of CPR Training School’s classes are of the highest standard and delivered in a blended learning environment that incorporates hands-on learning, video demonstrations, live  demonstrations, guided talks and coordinated lectures, as well as question and answer periods. In addition, participants in the Group Training CPR Program are provided a valuable book to take home when their training is complete. It is a great reference manual for future use, as well as a reference tool during training.

Who Should Take a Group CPR Training Program in Ocilla?

The Ocilla Group CPR Training Program is made for larger construction companies, shift workers, companies with various offices or locations, and company owners that can not take away time from their job to attend CPR training off-site.

When your Ocilla construction site book your Workplace Safety CPR Program, you can have confidence in knowing that you’ll be providing life-saving the know how to your commercial office workers and co-workers at the comfort of their own working environments. We’re happy to deliver you the training , at a time that works with your time frame. Don’t let shift changes and long projects get in the way of finding the training you and your team should guarantee you can react appropriate.

Your Ocilla insurance office could also reserve times to receive your Group CPR Training Program; this is helpful for organizations that employ shift workers and have staggered beginning and ending work times.

Why You and Your Ocilla Business Should Take the Group CPR Training Program

More and more, it’s become mandatory – and expected – that Ocilla, GA employers provide appropriate emergency training to their Ocilla workers and co-workers. Gone will be the days when it was one man’s job to be in charge of security. Now, it’s everyone’s responsibility to be ready in an emergency situation.

Finding the proper training entails taking a plan that is suited to your employment requirements. The Group CPR Training Program can prepare your employees for an emergency and ensure that everybody has the skills and confidence to react in an appropriate way.

Do not leave it to chance: accidents are likely to occur.

What You Can Expect to Learn During Ocilla, GA Group CPR Training

A Variety of life-saving skills. Some of these skills include how to recognize a cardiovascular crisis and react to it by administering CPR; the way to recognize a choking emergency and react to it with the techniques utilized for choking procedure; just how and when to call 911 in the case of an Ocilla, GA emergency.

Our Ocilla Workforce Training CPR Program is accredited through the American Heart Association and participants will receive a card certifying they are trained in CPR. The certificate card Is great for two decades.

Group CPR Training Classes On-Site in Ocilla, GA

The city of Ocilla is the county seat[4] of Irwin County, Georgia, United States. Its population was 3,414 at the 2010 census. Ocilla is part of the Fitzgerald Micropolitan Statistical Area.

Ocilla was founded in 1880, incorporated as a town in 1897, and finally re-incorporated as a city in 1902. It is not clear whether Ocilla is named for the Seminole Chief Osceola, for an Oswichee Native American tribe, or, as proposed by historian John Goff, it could be an adaptation of the place name Auscilla.[5] A 1981 Fitzgerald Herald-Leader says that “a tribe of Oswichee Indians once lived near the Ocmulgee River on land known in 1818 as Irwin County.” There, towns were called Oswitchee and Ocilla, and sometimes Ocichi. The French census shows that a town called Ocichi existed there in 1750. A later census in 1832 gives Oswhichee as the name of another Indian village close to Osochi.” It goes on with “The town’s name was changed seven times. It was called by the Indians Assile, next Aglie, Axilla, Agulu, Ochile, and lastly Ocilla.” This theory is less popular today.

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