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Hello American BLS Instructors and Heartsaver Instructors,

$199 New Alignment and it included includes your 2 year Instructor renewal. 

BLS Instructor Renewal $49 CPR Training School is a National AHA Training Center.  We can support you in all 50 states.  Keep up your Instructor status with the BLS Instructor Renewal Course.   

We offer one time $199 alignment and this includes your 2 year renewal.  Still, some of the trade faculties and schools are closed. Some are open limited hours some days a week. Some AHA Training Centers are only open Monday – Thursday. Some AHA Training Center still cope with paper. It’s time for a new approach to supporting difficult working Instructors like you. The truth is we come up with the excellent support, assist and still provide speedy response for what your needs. We are confident our AHA Training Center (CPR Training School) can give you advantages past your expectation.

$49 Instructor RenewalWe are open 7 days a week, support our Instructors and fill card orders 7 Days a week.  CPR Training School Instructor renewal program is for all AHA Instructors needing to renew.

There are just 1 simple step to get started.

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