Business Operation Mentoring

Step 2 – How to become a CPR Instructor

As a CPR Instructor you have the Opportunity to work Full or Part-Time.  Most Instructors build their business over time and acquire more equipment as they grow their business to keep initial expenses low. As you make extra income and enjoy owning your own business, have the option to pick the time and days you want to train.  We guide you through the business side of the CPR Instructor Business.   In addition to teaching you the business side of being a CPR / BLS instructor we include Marketing, class pricing, bidding corporate accounts and equipment needs are just a few of the subject covered to help you become a successful CPR Instructor.

Business Operation Mentoring:

  • The Business of CPR Training
  • Class Pricing
  • Marketing
  • Quoting Corporate Accounts
  • Identifying Potential Customers (Individual, Groups and Corporate)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Hidden Opportunities
  • Online Training
  • Instructor Portal
  • Online Resources
  • Quarterly Instructor Appreciation
  • Marketing Programs
  • Business Setup
  • Licensing
  • Incorporation
  • Employees
  • Location Assistance
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Hiring
  • Technology Assistance
  • On–Going Mentoring


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