Virtual and Traditional CPR/BLS Instructor

Cost $350 (American Heart Association)

This class is Design for both Instructors looking for a New Business Opportunity and In-house Corporate Instructor.

Free CPR Business Website Development for New, Existing and Aligning Instructors

We are open 7 Days a Week and We Support Our Instructors 7 Days a Week.

Virtual CPR/BLS Instructor Training – We are now offering Virtual Instructor 

Instructor Training Students work at their own pace thorough our video based Instructor portal.  Once part one is complete, students schedule a zoom meeting for cover Marketing, Sales, Pricing, Equipment and Operations.  The last set is a Zoom call to perform monitoring.

Traditional CPR/BLS Instructor Training – Located In Alpharetta GA (Atlanta)

Students attend an in person 2 day Instructor training available 6 Day a week.   Consecutive days are not required. 

NOTE: $350 includes everything we need to train you as an Instructor.  ($350 does not include what you need to train your students for example: Manikin, AED trainers, AHA Training Material, DVDs, Manuals, etc.)

Becoming a CPR Instructor and Pricing for CPR Instructor Training

This program is for both people looking to be an in-house instructor at work and Instructor looking to make extra income.  If you are looking to make extra income, start your own business or you need an In-house CPR / BLS instructor, we offer CPR Instructor training every day, seven days a week.  During CPR Instructor training we provide the core of what your need to know to be an American Heart Association instructor from teaching skills, AHA guidelines and proper procedures.  In addition we teach the business side of being a CPR / BLS instructor.  Marketing, class pricing, bidding corporate accounts and equipment needs are just a few of the subject covered to help you become a successful CPR Instructor.  Who can be an instructor? No medical background is required to be a CPR / BLS Instructor.  Many of our instructors are HR Directors, Facility Admins frustrated with scheduling to keep their employees compliant.  Larger medical practices providing a convenience of BLS certification to their employees by have a staff person go through CPR Instructor training.

Ongoing Support for CPR Instructor Training:

  • We are open and Supporting Instructors 7 Days a Week
  • Full Time Instructor Support Coordinator
  • Free website 
  • No Annual Fee
  • No Hidden Fees
  • National Training Center
  • Discounts on Equipment
  • Free Shipping on AHA and Non-AHA Orders
  • Training Videos – Step by Step 24 hour Support
  • Card orders filled daily
  • Electronic Based Paperwork Filing

CPR First Aid Training Concept

CPR Training School is an American Heart Association Training Center Providing CPR Instructor Training.

We are accepting applications for new instructors and we facilitate CPR Instructor Training Classes every day at our location in Alpharetta, Georgia.  You can become an AHA CPR instructor in just a few easy steps so first contact us to get you started.  We are also accepting alignment.

NOTE: $350 includes everything we need to train you as an Instructor.  ($350 does not include what you need to train your students for example: Manikin, AED trainers, AHA Training Material, DVDs, Manuals, etc.)


AHA CPR Training

Once you complete your CPR Instructor Training, you will be able to teach:

  • BLS for Healthcare Provider
  • Heartsaver CPR and AED
  • First Aid
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Friends and Family
  • Blended Courses and Skills Testing
  • Trauma Bleeding Control
  • Active Assailant / Active Shooter

CPR Training School Instructor Training Program

We are a New Breed of American Heart Association Training Centers here to make you successful.

  • Entrepreneurial Based CPR Instructor training
  • Focus on Training and Supporting New Instructors
  • Mentoring for Business Start-ups
  • Alignment
  • Discount Equipment
  • Equipment Rental
  • Marketing Help
  • Business Setup

CPR Instructor Training is a 2 Day Course

Day One

  • CPR Instructor Training Class Time
  • Live Class Monitoring by Instructor

Day Two

  • CPR Instructor Training Class Time
  • Lead BLS Class as CPR Instructor while being monitored
  • Review and Additional Instructor Training Class Time

We offer CPR Instructors Training Course everyday.

Flex Training Schedule – Instructors 2 days of training do not have to be consecutive days.

Why CPR Instructor Training and Who Needs CPR?


  • Layperson, Fitness Instructors, Camp Counselors, Life Guards,
  • Doctors, Nurses, Therapist, Med-Students, Hospitals, Dentists, Chiropractors


  • Church, Scouts, Families, Foster Parents,
  • Senior Care Facilities, Home Health Care workers


  • Construction, Restaurants, Attorneys,
  • Large Corporations wanting 1st responders on each Team or Floor
  • Insurance, Government Contracts, Federal and State Requirements



CPR Business Operations

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