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Organizer: Kayla Ali
(770) 741-0548 Direct telephone


Heartsaver Blended 2 Part Class

First Aid and CPR/AED Certification (AHA) (Covers Adult, Child and Infant)

This blended online and in-person Class teaches how to assess and treat injuries and medical or environmental emergencies until professional help arrives. Skills focus on keeping the rescuer safe, while providing life-saving assistance to the patient in a variety of scenarios. Students learn proper techniques to use when treating internal or external bleeding; dealing with shock; managing bone and joint injuries; burn care; recognizing symptoms of heart attack, stroke, diabetic emergencies and more. 

Step 1 – Students Watch Videos at Their Own Pace. 

Compete the online Portion of the First aid and CPR Training.  You are watching video at your own pace. 


Step 2 – Charleston, SC Location

Register for the in- person 30 Minute Skills Test


30 Minute Skills Test for Friday, May 12th  Charleston

Two Year American Heart Association Certification



An active assailant event is a premeditated, malicious physical attack carried out by an armed individual or group. The weapon can be anything from a knife or gun, to an explosive device worn on the body, a vehicle used as a ramming device or an altered hand-held weapon.

Charleston Training  Active Shooter Training

Friday,  May 12th Charleston