width=Pets now live in among 60 million American households. Like human beings, pets have emergencies, too. Being a part of the family, pets deserve care, especially when their lives are in danger. CPR Training school offers First Aid and CPR classes for pets from the CPR Training School.

Choking on a bone or any swallowed object is the most common pet emergency. Learn how to save your pet’s life in an effective, safe and timely way by attending the Pet CPR class.  Pet First Aid classes give pet owners the confidence and skills necessary to manage  unexpected pet emergencies until they can be brought to a veterinarian. CPR Training school offers classes with hands-on training in Pet First Aid procedures.

Reference guides are also available to provide quick answers to questions about caring for family dogs and cats.

Dog First Aid and Cat First Aid manuals can teach you how to:

  • Administer medications
  • Recognize an emergency
  • Perform CPR and first aid
  • Treat common problems and emergencies requiring immediate attention
  • Stock a pet first aid kit

These manuals come with a 30-minute DVD that features step-by-step instructions on safety procedures, disaster preparedness and dealing with pet emergencies.

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