Outsource the Management of Your CPR Training Center

CPR Training School can run and manager the daily operations of your CPR Training Center.  If you have any size CPR training center from a small CPR Training site to a full CPR Training Center, you can outsource the daily operations to us.  Hiring a CPR operations company like us can be cheaper, provide higher quality of service, reduce capital costs and reserve your resources for other projects.  We work with Hospitals, Trade Schools, Colleges and many independent Training Center to manage and run their Instructor renewal,  paperwork and acrd issuing. 


We bring year of experience and in most cases the we save you money and depending on the operation and the business arrangement, we can be a profit center for you. Eliminates the need for infrastructure  and staff and let CPR Training School manage the responsibility of the daily operations of the Training Center. 

Better Quality of Service

CPR Training School operates Seven days a week and supports your Instructors with all their needs.  We can provide a better quality of service with our combine resources and focus on the support of running your training center operations. Outsourcing Training Center Management will cost less than hiring staff or training existing personnel, while increasing the benefit to your instructors.

Maintain Operational Control

If the operation of the CPR Departments has evolved over time or key staff is no longer available we can help with the Operation and still provide you with as much Operational Control you would like to maintain. CPR Training outsourcing offers opportunity for better management options to your CPR Training Center without restructuring. We can save your time and money.

Staffing Flexibility

When additional resources are necessary, outsourcing allows departments to better manage cyclical demands.  Get more out of your CPR Training department and get back your lost staff resources. 

Contact us today so we can show you how we can speed up your Instructor response time, reduce risk, enforce compliance, reduce cost, offer 7 day a week service, reduce over head and staffing resources and more.  

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